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Places, beaches and sea to visit, festivals and events, services, activities, excursions and entertainment and much more that you can find in our land of Salento

the following are just some of the suggestions that the structure proposes to get to know and appreciate the most authentic Salento, in its spontaneity and its contradictions, a true island in the peninsula.

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- places of culture, towns and cities of art to visit -

presicce vicoli
presicce colonna di Sant'Andrea
casa turrita a presicce
presicce chiesa madre di Sant'Andrea
frantoio ipogeo a Presicce in via gramsci

Presicce center - 1 km

Masseria Pescu is located at the gates of Presicce, therefore it is essential to visit it, a fantastic town that has earned the appointment of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy together with Specchia and others. Rich in traditions and culture and a fascinating historic center with a unique atmosphere, it is possible to book at the information office, excursions and guided tours to our 23 underground oil mills and villas and palaces open to the public, including the hanging gardens, an unforgettable setting. You can also enjoy the typical Salento cuisine in the characteristic restaurants.

Specchia center - 4 km

Specchia also deserved the name of one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, and it is strongly recommended to visit it with its large squares and numerous high-quality restaurants.

piazza Specchia
centro storico Specchia
lungomare Leuca
santuario S.M. Leuca
cascate a S. M. Leuca

Santa Maria di Leuca and Leuca - 15 km

Better known as the last strip of land of the heel of Italy, FINIBUS TERRAE, SM di Leuca is the highest part of the town where the Sanctuary is located with the beautiful square and Basilica, and from where you can admire Leuca down with its ideal promenade for quiet walks, and looking at the sea you can see the meeting of I DUE MARI, Ionian and Adriatic, which due to the opposing currents create a sort of bubbly irregular line as if to outline the border of one and the other.

Ponte Ciolo - 17 km

One of the most visited places for its beautiful panorama from which in good weather you can see the coast of Albania, also a destination for expert divers who launch themselves from the bridge or from the rocks below creating an air of tension and spectacle.

ponte ciolo
ponte ciolo
litoranea Leuca - Otranto
litoranea Est
litoranea per Otranto
litoranea da Leuca a Otranto

Litoranea Leuca-Otranto - about 35 km to go

It is highly recommended to travel this fabulous stretch of road between curves and fantastic landscapes with unique and wonderful colors, and you will pass through various marinas where you can stop for a small break and cool off from the scorching sun of the summer.

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